Andrew Homer, or DuckandMikeyFan49, does several voices in The Engines of Sodor.


Andrew mostly does voice acting and his channel is mostly just auditions. He was discovered by Thomas1Edward2Henry3 while looking for voice actors to play James. It is assumed by his accent that he is either American or Canadian.  


Andrew does the following voices: 

  • James (Seasons 1 and 2 of TEOS, Specials)
  • BoCo (Episode VII-Revenge of the Ghost Train)
  • Duke (Episode VII-Episode XVI, The Search for Smudger)
  • Trevor (Episode XII only)


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NWR OriginsEdit

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  • Along with EnterprisingEngine93 and DarthWill3, he is tied with voicing the most characters.
  • His role as James is the longest role of any voice actor for T1E2H3, voicing since the very beginning. As of June 2017, he still has the role.
  • As can be seen from his channel his favorite character is Duck.