Crimson was an engine that worked on the Mid Sodor Railway. He is a fan-made character.


Not much is known about Crimson. He arrived around 1888 and lived on the Mid Sodor Railway along with Albert, Duke, Jim, and Smudger. He left in 1916 and went to work in Wales (although he was shown with Peter Sam who arrived in 1920). His fate after the decline of steam is unknown, although it's likely he survived and was preserved as many British narrow gauge engines are.


Crimson is based off of a Hunslett narrow gauge engine from the Porthmadog railway. The particular model used was named "Fardell".

Trainz ModelEdit

24ng Trainz's "PGm&FT No. 7 'Fardell' 0-6-0T" locomtive was used for Crimson. Since this was a non-Thomas model, Oliver's face was used as his with photo editing.


Crimson seems to be a well meaning, eager engine who can occasionally get annoyed. It also seems that he does not like his name.


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  • Crimson had several names before his final name was decided. These included Fardell, which was his basis, as well as Maroon, Smokey, Burgundy, and Phillip.
  • Thomas1Edward2Henry3 considered using Crimson's model for Stanley the narrow gauge engine, but this never got onto the script as it would be confusing to have both Stanley and Smudger appear.
  • Crimson was inspired by the unnamed red engine Rev. W. Awdry's Mid Sodor layout
  • T1E2H3 considered putting Crimson in a cameo role in Duke's flashback in Duke's Reunion. He decided not to as he was in a rush to finish filming. He made up for it by putting him in Jim's Tale.