Eagle (also known as Winston, the Red Engine, and Red Max) was an engine on The Midland Railway and then the North Western Railway.


Eagle was built around 1878 and probably worked on The Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway in England. He came to Sodor around 1890 to work on The Elsbridge & Knapford Railway. He helped build the North Western Railway, and was inherited by Sir Topham Hatt. When Henry refused to come out of the tunnel in 1924, he was called to help. He tried to push Henry out, but to no avail. Eagle left in 1929 to his heritage railway but returned briefly in 1950 (1935 fan accepted timeline) to help out with an increase in passenger trains. He still works on the railway to this present day.

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WildnorWester's model of "Winston" is used in NWR Origins.

Thomas1Edward2Henry3 had named him Eagle, which is a common fan name for the Red Engine.


Eagle is based on an L&YR Class 25 with modifications very much like James before that he was a 3F class 0-6-0 tender engine.


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Eagle (under the name the Red Engine) only appeared in the first railway series book The Three Railway Engines.


  • In The Three Railway Engines, there are two illustrations that include a red engine. There is a debate to whether they are the same engine. According to the Wiki, they are not, as they have different bogey arrangements. However, it is likely that the illustrator made a mistake, like he did in many places. Therefore, T1E2H3 considers them both to be the same engine.