Eric is the number 8 on the Culdee Fell Railway.


Eric was built in Winterthur, Switzerland in 1952. (The plaque on his was incorrectly labeled, Eric's type was designed in 1922). He arrived on Sodor the following year, shortly before Culdee returned from his overhaul. Eric had a brief overhaul in 1996.

In 1998, he took the first run of the "Tea Train". It did not go too well, as the Fat Controller accidentally spilled tea on him. However, after the Fat Controller landed in a cake after a sudden jolt in the train, the two made up.

Trainz ModelsEdit

In the Search for Smudger, SI3D's model of Lord Harry was used for both Eric and Alaric, as these were the only CFR engines available at the time. In The Slopes of Culdee Fell, the Jonateers model was used.


Eric is based on "Eryri" from the Snowdon Mountain Railway. This locomotive is currently withdrawn from service and it has been dismantled and stored off-site.


According to Ernest and Wilfred in Mountain Engines, Eric is nice a quiet. However, when he does speak he can be very loud, especially when irritated.


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RWS AppearancesEdit

Along with Shane Dooiney, Eric never physically appeared in the book Mountain Engines. However, unlike Shane, he was mentioned in a conversation between Culdee, Wilfred, and Ernest.


  • Eric's role in The Search for Smudger is likely the first time anyone in the fandom, especially Trainz, has had Eric in their fan story, let alone speak.
  • In The Search for Smudger, Eric had an English accent, similar to Patrick's current voice. However, in The Slopes of Culdee Fell, it was changed to Italian. All engines had unique accents to differentiate them. Italian is one of the main languages of Switzerland, where Eric was built.
  • Eric was the last steam engine to be built for the Culdee Fell Railway, as well as the last engine to be built in Switzerland. Niles was built at Crovan's Gate.