Guto Rhys Chwyldroadl (born 1838; age 181, died September 28, 1894, 124 years ago) was the mayor of Gorsafflyn during the Sudrian Revolution and the leader of the embargo against British goods in native Sudrian parts of the Island.


Chwyldroadl was born on a farm in rural Sodor in 1838. His parents were native Sudrians and because of their isolation, did not speak much English. Chwyldroadl was sent to a boarding school in Tidmouth, where he learned the English language. Over time, he became aware of the British dominance on Sodor, which he was not pleased about. Unhappy with the English influence, he never went to college and returned to help his family. In 1853, Chwyldroad left his family to start a life of his own. He became a bulter to the mayor of Gorsafflyn and lived in a apartment in the building next door to the town hall. Through his experience, he learned all about politics and in 1892, became mayor of the hamlet of Gorsafflyn at the age of 54. In 1894, the Sudrian Revolution began and Chwyldroadl used terror tactics to prevent British engines or soldiers from entering the area.

Death and Fall of GorsafflynEdit

In September 1894, a rumor passed to the British that a soldier had been taken hostage by the Sudrians at Gorsafflyn. Furious, the British sent several soldiers armed with weapons to the hamlet on the evening of September 28. The mist was heavy that night, and Chwyldroadl was keeping guard at the station. Around half past 11, the British arrived on board the train. Chwyldroadl heard the sounds of the engine (who was Clive) and lept onto the rails, aiming his gun. Unfortunately, he was shot dead immediately by British Soldiers. Guto Chwyldroadl was dead at the age of 56. The town surrendered and the citizens were forced to leave. It was then all demolished except for the station. There had been many rumors that Chwyldroadl's ghost had been haunting the area, but these were all proven false by Henry and Old Bailey.




  • Chwyldroadl is Welsh for "revolutionary". A Welsh name was used to make it sound Sudric. Guto is also a Welsh name.
  • Chwyldroadl's death date is the day which the episode Haunted Henry aired in 1998, 104 years later.
  • Chwyldroadl is the first character to die in The Engines of Sodor.
  • Chwyldroadl was known to be ruthless and risk anything for the benefit of the Native Sudrian people.