Helen is the Governer of Sodor's coach who travels with Crovan.

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Toad the Lucky Brake VanEdit

When Crovan arrived at Knapford one morning, Helen made a comment about Crovan's appearance, which Crovan took offense to and called her a "wooden old cow". After Crovan had shunted her into a siding to be cleaned up, Oliver and Toad came along and had a chat with her. When Crovan came back, she snapped at him for being rude to Oliver and Toad, but did not know what to say after Crovan maliciously mocked Toad. The next day, she apparently had a bad journey with Crovan to Tidmouth because of Crovan's behavior. Crovan was enraged about waiting in a dirty siding, so in his anger he reversed too quickly, bashing Helen through the buffers and derailing her. She was likely taken to the works afterword. 


Helen is kind and friendly compared to Crovan. She also does not like Crovan because of how rude he is.

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The Sudrian Community's RWS Clarabel model was used for Helen.


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  • When Helen returned in the series, her relationship with Crovan was much more positive. T1E2H3 felt the relationship in Toad the Lucky Brake Van was too harsh and mirrored domestic abuse.