Hiro is a Japanese Engine from Japan. He is also known as the "Master of the Railway". He is black with gold stripes, red wheels, and the #51 on his tender sides.


He hasn't spoken in the "Engines of Sodor" yet, but he may soon. He was seen in the background puffing away while Henry yells at Diesel in How the Diesel Stole Christmas and puffing with a passenger train next to Percy, Sir Handel, Duke, Peter Sam, Mallard, Derek, and Diesel 10 while Percy talks to the narrow gauge engines about the unknown engine.


Hiro is a JNR D51.


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  • N/A: Non-speaking character


  • In real life, Hiro's basis runs on Cape Gauge tracks, which are 3 feet 6 inches (​1,067 mm) wide and would be too thin for the British rail gauge. However, he has been scaled up to Standard Gauge to avoid any issues.