James is a mixed traffic red engine who is the number 5 on the North Western Railway.


James was built in 1912 and worked in England until he was bought by the Fat Controller in 1945. His first day did not go well. Some troublesome trucks pushed him off the rails. Thomas came to his rescue and James was repainted red, which he is very proud of. After being mended, James spent some time learning on Thomas's branch line until being sent back to the main line later. Because he is a mixed traffic engine, he can pull both coaches and trucks. James did not do well with coaches. He was very rough and caused a hole in their brakes once which had to be mended with a passenger's boot lace. As punishment for that and previously ruining the Fat Controller's new top hat, he was shut up in the shed. Eventually, the Fat Controller let him out and he took some trucks. Unlike his first encounter with them, he took no nonsense and fiercely brought them to the destination, despite the trucks running away at Gordon's Hill. The Fat Controller was very pleased, though Henry and Gordon still teased him. This all stopped when Gordon accidentally went down the wrong line, and James had to take his express. Along with Gordon and Henry, James went on strike in 1949.

In the Summer of 2013, a tanker named Wretch was causing trouble and made poor Henry damage his brakes. James, feeling cocky, took Wretch out with his train the next day and tried to keep him in order. However, Wretch broke the coupling at the top of Gordon's Hill and the trucks ran away. He managed to catch them, but because he was going backwards, he crashed into BoCo. In the deep freeze of January 2014, James tried to pull Donald and Douglas out of the snow but failed.

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From the pilot episode to The Search for Smudger, SI3D's 2000 model of James was used. Their 2001 model was used from then to onwards.
Si3d 2012 james by lbbrian-d8ai5dz



James's basis is debatable. The book The Island of Sodor: Its People, History, and Railways states that James is a Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Works Class 28. However, Awdry's model of James resembled a G&SWR "Austrian Goods" 2-6-0 engine. It is likely he is a mix of the two engines, with the Austrian shape and Class 28 wheels.


James is a lot like Gordon, being arrogant and snobby. However, his arrogance is because of how proud he is of his shiny red paint rather than size. He can get easily irritated and out of the original 11 engines, is most prone to anger, which fits his red livery. However, he can also be very determined not to let anything beat him, such as when he continued to pull a train of Troublesome Trucks even though they caused havoc. James never truly means harm and can lend a helpful hand.


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James first appeared in Thomas and The Breakdown Train (painted black) and when he returned in James the Red Engine, he is painted red. In the magic railroad, he was supposed to be voiced by Michael Angeles, but instead, he was voiced by Susan Roman. He was previously played by (Hero of the Rails-Season 20, except for Tit for Tat) and (Hero of the Rails-Season 18) in the UK and US, respectively. He is now.