The second season began on May 15, 2014, with Toad the Lucky Brakevan and ended on October 31, 2014 with The Eyes.


  1. Toad the Lucky Brake Van - The Governor of Sodor's private engine is extremely rude and insults Toad, but it comes back to him after he has an accident and the governor chooses a very strange form of transport.
  2. The Road Rebel with Rollers - George the steamroller starts living dangerously by jumping crossings when the light is red, but soon comes to seriously regret it. 
  3. Old Reliable - D199 is given a second chance and has changed his views on the railway, but still has a lot to learn about patience, which he learns after an embarrassing incident with beer. 
  4. The Bridge of Caledonian Doom - Donald and Douglas are distrusting of D199 and treat him cruelly until they are saved from an incident at an old bridge.
  5. Special Engines - It's Toby's special day, and Bill and Ben try to guess what makes him special on that particular day.
  6. The Eyes ' Duncan tells an extremely scary and disturbing story to the other engines, but starts to get scared of it himself.



  • The total length of all episodes including titles and credits is 1 hour and 7 minutes (67 minutes). The average length of an episode in this season is 11 minutes.
  • As opposed to the first series, this season only had 6 episodes. More episodes were planned but T1E2H3 decided to take a long hiatus for the 70th anniversary. If the season had been fully completed, it would have ended around April-May 2015.