Stanley is a white engine who seems to work on Thomas's Branchline and at Great Waterton. He arrived on Sodor to do Thomas' jobs while Thomas helped with The Great Waterton Restoration.


Stanley was built in 1932. He arrived on Sodor in 2008 to help with the restoration of Great Waterton.  

*note: A newspaper in The Great Discovery has the date 1955. T1E2H3 does not agree with this as many characters present arrived long after that date.

Trainz ModelsEdit

In How the Diesel Stole Christmas and Episode VII, Stanley's model from Hilltrack's Trainz Routes was used. The model was uploaded to the site in September 2013. In Episode XI onwards, Seanoc17's 2012 model of Stanley, uploaded in May 2014, is used. 


According to the Thomas the Tank Engine Wiki, Stanley is a cross between a Hudswell Clarke 0-6-0ST and Kitson's "Austin". 


Stanley is very optimistic and extremely eager to get a job done properly. 


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Stanley was introduced in the special The Great Discovery and has appeared in every season since expect the 13th. However, he had only spoken once since the twelfth, in the 15th season episode Surprise Surprise and Day of the Diesels until the 18th season episode Samson at Your Service. He is voiced by Matt Wilkinson in the UK and John Schwab in the US. He was previously voiced by Ben Small in the US until the 18th season, David Menkin the 18th season, and Rob Rackstraw in one episode of the 19th season in the UK and one episode of the 20th season in the US. He has had the most voice actors of any character in the CGI series.


  • Stanley was the last character introduced in the model-only era, meaning no CGI at all.
  • The line "Welcome Stanley" from The Great Discovery became a small internet meme.
  • Stanley is the only white engine on Sodor (Spencer is Silver).
  • Stanley was the first steam engine to not have a circular face (excluding steam trams like Toby).