The Lorry was a cancelled story of The Slopes of Culdee Fell.


The story would have continued where The Tea Train left off, revolving around the lorry that sped in front of Eric, causing the Fat Controller to spill cake on himself. Wilfred was the main character, and the engines were trying to catch the lorry. The lorry was driven by criminals, who drove it recklessly in front of engines.


The story was to be the third story of The Slopes of Culdee Fell, with Cliffhanger being the last. The original 2015 Halloween special was going to be a mockumentary about the various ghosts on Sodor, similar in style to Pauls Vids's "Shed 17" and The Blair Witch Project. However, it was soon realized that it would be too much work to accomplish in less than a month, so it was scrapped. Instead, Thomas1Edward2Henry3 decided to make the final story of The Slopes of Culdee Fell the 2015 Halloween special. He wanted to keep Cliffhanger, so it took The Lorry's place as the third story. Godred's ghost was to be one of the main subjects of the documentary, so Thomas1Edward2Henry3 re-used some of the info and pictures (like the newspapers) in Godred the Number 1. The script for The Lorry was completed, but was never filmed.


The story would have had the following characters: