Thomas1Edward2Henry3's Railway Series is a continuation of Awdry's Railway series and is a combination of RWS style remakes of TV episodes and original stories. It began in August 2015.


Thomas1Edward2Henry3 became very exhausted with The Engines of Sodor, so he officially put it on hiatus in January 2015. After taking a much needed brake from Trainz, he decided to create his own Railway Series, taking place during the events of Season 5. The first "book" was More Branch Line Engines, which focuses on the Wellsworth Branch. The first story of that book, Coach Trouble, was uploaded on August 3. So far, two "Books" have been released. A third is due for completion around 2019.


  1. More Branch Line Engines: Focuses on the Wellsworth Branch Engines like Edward, Bill, Ben, Boco, and Derek.
  2. The Slopes of Culdee Fell: Focuses on the Culdee Fell Railway.
  3. Very Naughty Engines: Focuses on the Sodor Engines