"On! On! On!"

The trucks' chant before they push an engine.

The "Troublesome" Trucks (often known as Foolish Freight Cars in the US & Canada) are named for being very troublesome and mischievous on the Fat Controller's Railway.


The trucks delight in mischief. They love to push engines to make them go faster and crash as well as refusing to move, causing the engines a great deal of misery. They can sometimes side with the engines though. One example is when Diesel returned to Sodor and they tricked him into trying to pull too many of them, causing him to run off the edge of the quay.

A few notorious trucks are Scruffey, Wretch, Fred Pelhay, Rickety, and Hector, though the latter changed his troublesome ways.

The trucks are most commonly 5 or 7 plank wagons. However, they can also be vans or tankers. They usually have 3D faces like the engines, but some can have just eyes, like in the first season. There are also trucks on the Skarloey and Arlesdale Railways.

Trainz ModelsEdit

Many models have been used as the trucks take many forms. They are most commonly from Sodor Island 3D, though some are from (#1TFM).

TEOS AppearancesEdit

The appearances listed here are when the trucks actually speak or are acknowledged, otherwise every episode would be listed.

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TV AppearancesEdit

Trucks with faces have appeared in every season except Season 14 and 15. They did not have any major roles in the thirteenth season. Currently, they are voiced by Christopher Ragland in the UK and US. They were previously voiced by Ben Small from Season 16-18. Junior Campbell provided the singing and laughing effects for the trucks in the classic series, making the trucks the first character to be voiced by someone other then the narrator.