Wallace was a saddle tank engine who worked on the Tidmouth, Knapford, and Elsbridge Railway, and then the North Western Railway. He is Percy's brother.


Wallace was built around 1909 and worked on the Tidmouth, Knapford, and Elsbridge Light Railway until it merged to form the North Western Railway in 1915. He helped finish the construction. He continued to work on the railway until 1931, when he and Adam were sold to a wealthy Rotarian in England. According to Gordon, the two are now working museum exhibits somewhere.


In the original script, being a coffee pot engine, Wallace was very senile and old, thus explaining his constant tiredness. This was kept in the final version, though since he is now average age, he is just lazy. But despite being lazy, Wallace is not malicious or cruel in nature and is generally a happy chap with a good sense of humour.

Trainz ModelEdit

Wallace was intended to be a coffee pot engine, but no model was available at the time. Therefore, T1E2H3 just used SI3D's 2006 RWS Percy model with Gordon's face edited on.


Since Wallace uses Percy's RWS model, he is a GWR Avonside 0-4-0. Wallace was supposed to be a coffee pot engine, but no model could be found at the time.


NWR OriginsEdit

Season 1Edit


  • Wallace was the first fully named fan character (as opposed to Steve) in NWR Origins created by Thomas1Edward2Henry3.
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