William is tank engine who worked on the Great Western Railway. He is a fan character created by WildnorWester.


William built around 1933 in Swindon. He worked on the same branch line as Oliver and his brothers Clarence and Paul. In 1955, he was at Paddington Station where he met Duck. When steam declined, William was selected to be preserved in 1967. He and Oliver were the last two steam engines on their branch line. William is still in preservation today.

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WildnorWester created the model of William for his "Sodor: The Early Years" series.


William is a GWR 6100 Class, better known as a 61xx. A total of 70 were built between 1931 and 1935. One locomotive, 6106, has survived into preservation, and is at Didcot Railway Centre, though it is currently non-operational.


William appears to be optimistic and a gentle giant.


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In Great Western End, his class was mistakenly referred to as a 67xx rather than a 61xx.